Monday, 7 March 2011

Girls Who Draw Magic show!!

Magic Show brings together a diverse group of women illustrators from the West Midlands and beyond including London, Leeds, Norwich and Edinburgh. Exhibitors are Ruth Green, Sarah Ray, Kate Hindley, Karoline Rerrie, Jane Anderson, Helen Entwisle, Mary Kilvert, Sarah Lippett, Daisy Whitehouse, Beth Morrison and Mina Braun, a mix of recent graduates, emerging and experienced illustrators. Each one has interpreted the theme of magi...c in their own unique way and created new work especially for Solihull Gallery. Rather than focusing on producing two dimensional illustrations the group has used this opportunity to explore other abilities and hidden talents which they don’t often get the chance to showcase. They have stitched, paper cut, painted, printed and conjured up an array of unusual artwork to fill the whole gallery interior ranging from small artists’ books to hand sewn characters and large scale installations.

Magic Show Private View in the G1 Gallery Thursday 7th April 6.15pm – 7.30pm
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