Tuesday, 26 April 2011

GWD Magic Colouring book/Zine (Limited Edition)

Thought i'd post some pictures of our new zine or colouring book (Basically the insides are the same but we made two covers, a zine one by Gemma Correll and a colouring book one by Kate Hindley).

The book is another of the amazing Karoline Rerrie's projects. Anyway heres some pictures..

(Above) Screen printed Covers - left-Kate Hindley - Right-Gemma Correll

My contribution - Mr Moles Magical Music

Karoline Rerrie's design

Kate Hindley

Mina Braun

Gemma Correll

Also not to forget the other girls - Mary Kilvert, Ruth Green, Sarah Lippett, Helen Entwisle and Beth Morrison, you'll have to get one to see their lovely drawings!

They come with miniature pens to get colouring..

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