Friday, 12 July 2013

Current projects and doodles

Oh my gosh, I've been a bit busy to post on my blog lately! Lots going on, so thought I'd show you what I've been up to.  

Hope you have all had a good time in the sun (and if you haven't got any sun or it's winter where you are, then tooooo bad)

 That reminds me, I read an article in the Metro the other week which made me laugh which described 'roads jammed in places as sun-starved Britons rushed to soak up the rays' and 'Many struggled to find a spot on the 11km stretch of sand to enjoy the balmy 23C (73.4F) weather.' And lastly 'Sweltering visitors had to queue for 15 minutes at seafront booths to buy ice creams and cold soft drinks' 

Oh. My. God. They had to wait 15 minutes?! 15!? That is awful, no wonder it's in the news! and the poor sun starved Britons! (sorry about the overdose of sarcasm there!)

Anyway..below is a selection of illustrative projects I've been working on. Check it!

I'm working with Laura Kantor who has written a beautiful children's book about a chameleon. It's the early stages and I'm still experimenting with how the chameleon will look but I'm very excited about this project. More to show and tell over the year!

 I visited Paperchase on Tottenham Court road on my way back from picking some work up and saw my cards on the shelf there. It was very exciting! Also it was nice because as soon as I arrived someone was topping up my cards commenting how funny they were and I was stood right next to her! That was weird! but nice.

I'm also creating more flyers for Birmingham Contemporary music group. This is a little preview of work in progress.

Here's some quick doodles I've done over the last week;

If butterflies lost their wings, they would just be long flies, without the butter.
English summer
Worm flautist

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