Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bumpkin adventures

So I've been re-adjusting to countryside living for the last week or so, it's very relaxing and I have especially liked walking out the door to no concrete what-so-ever! EXHALE indeed.

I went on a spontaneous little trip out with my cousin's postman bike, which my Dad currently uses to do small errands around and about.  I sometimes see him scootling off, from out of the window I've set my desk at.

I was going to walk up the hill but i did that the other day and got in the way of all the bee's up there because of all the thistles, which wasn't very relaxing! So instead I took the bike which has a handy basket in the front so I could take my sketchbook and a crayon. 

I also visited our sheep Jeffrey and Lisa on the way home. This is Jeffrey.

I would have posted the sketches here but I didn't end up doing any because I was enjoying cycling so much, I didn't feel like stopping!

I did have a go at sketching my nephew later, when he was playing in the sand pit (it's actually builder's sand but it's a sand pit to children!)

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