Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Making paper envelopes from left over wrap

Hi everyone! I posted a picture of an envelope I made for some of my jewellery the other day out of some wrapping paper I had left over.  I thought I'd share it with you here with a little 'how to', in case you wanted to make one too. It took me about 3 minutes.

It's really simple but great to use in most situations; writing a letter to a friend, sending a gift in the post or just brightening up your usual envelope.  

Firstly, decide what size you would like the envelope to end up as. I wanted mine to fit a necklace so I placed it on the paper to work out the size;

Just make sure that you leave room for flaps on both sides and at the top.

Cut slits between the side flaps so it's easier and neater when you fold them in.

So, fold the side flaps in and then fold it in half;

I sewed the sides together but you can just glue them if you want.

Add a sticker or some tape to hold the flap down and you're done. Easy peasy.
I sent mine to HM Revenue & Customs. (not really)

Oh and if you want some of the wrapping paper I've used, you can find it here!; www.sarahrayshop.co.uk

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