Thursday, 7 May 2015

Press release

Only a couple of days now until PULSE LONDON and I'm busy getting things ready.
This morning, I spent some time writing up a press release.  I haven't written too many of these so found CREATIVE BOOM's article on how to write one helpful. 

Attending a trade show isn't cheap, so you have to utilise all possibilities for promotion! I'm attaching one of my postcards to the release, (everyone loves a freebie) and it's not going to cost the bank.  I'll snuggle them between all the others, in the press lounge on Sunday (the start of the show) and hopefully they will go some way in getting my stuff seen!

I hope this is a little bit helpful if someone else is planning on writing one. (although don't take mine as the bees knees!)

I also stamped the top with my ink logo stamp just to make sure there's a bit of branding on view!

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